Projecting the biggest CFB games of 2023: Week 10

This is Part 10 of a series where I go week by week ranking what I expect to be the biggest games in college football. For a longer description of what this series is, start with part 1 here!

A rare week 10 non-conference game makes this list. And the top 2 are massive conference matchups that will impact who plays their respective conference title games. There are playoff implications all over the top 3 this week. 

3rd – Notre Dame at Clemson

The schedules for Notre Dame and Clemson are very top heavy. They have some huge, must watch matchups, and the rest of the schedules fades into the background noise of college football. 

Notre Dame is the only team in FBS that plays 3 teams with an O/U win total 10 or higher. Three massive games. And this one, against Clemson, completes the set. This is also the only one ND plays on the road. 

Clemson feels like a team that’s been down lately. But that’s just a warped perception. They won 11 games last year and 10 games in 2021. I guess 10 wins is down for Clemson. The fanbase expects to make the playoffs; that’s the benchmark they are basing their happiness on. 

2nd – Washington at USC

Another titanic Pac-12 matchup. You better get used to this. There are plenty more in the coming weeks.

According to the Pac-12 media poll, these are the top 2 teams in the conference. 

According to various gambling services, these are the top 2 QBs in the Heisman race from the Pac-12.

This should be an epic rematch of last year’s game.

Oh, wait.

They didn’t play last year. What the heck, Pac-12? They took the top 2 teams in 2022, but kept the schedule from the divisional format. So, there were a lot of games that could’ve impacted the standings that never got played.

1st – LSU at Alabama

Brian Kelly was in the SEC West for 1 season, and he won the division. Brian Kelly can coach.

LSU will be insanely good in the front 7 on defense (sounds like a Brian Kelly team).

They have future first round picks on the D-Line, and my pick for best linebacker with Herold Perkins.

Alabama has had an incredible run of QBs over the last several years:

  • Mac Jones
  • Bryce Young
  • Tua Tagovailoa
  • Jalen Hurts

But for this game, LSU will have the quarterback advantage. Jayden Daniels at LSU is 2nd in Heisman odds (behind Caleb Williams) at the time of writing. Alabama hasn’t even named a starter.

The QB play in spring was so bad that Alabama brought in transfer QB, Tyler Buchner, from Notre Dame to be a 3rd guy competing for the starting job.

LSU’s biggest weakness is at DB, but WR is not a strength for Alabama. There aren’t many reasons to pick Alabama in this game when you look at the matchups.


Will Nick Saben actually have a losing streak against another program? Nick Saben doesn’t have losing streaks. He also doesn’t lose at home. Those 2 things alone could swing this game in Alabama’s favor. 

Honorable Mention: Oklahoma at Oklahoma State

The end of Bedlam. A sad occasion. Coach Mike Gundy has said Oklahoma State has no intention of scheduling Oklahoma in the non-conference after the Sooners leave for the SEC in 2024.

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This article was written by Cole Tollison and edited by Hayden Breene

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