Projecting the biggest CFB games of 2023: Week 9

This is Part 9 of a series where I go week by week ranking what I expect to be the biggest games in college football. For a longer description of what this series is, start with part 1 here!

This is a fairly eclectic spread of games across college football. I’m finding that I see a lot of potentially great games in the Pac-12 and Big 12 because I expect more parity in those conferences. The SEC and ACC are just a little too top heavy, so the best games are reduced to just when the juggernauts play each other. The B1G is top heavy too, but they also have some fun rivalry games to look forward to. 

3rd – BYU at Texas

A brand new Big 12 conference matchup. And a short lived one at that. This is likely the only BYU at Texas conference game we will ever see. 

Texas should be rolling at this point in the season, either undefeated or with one loss. Quin Ewers’ Hiesman rumblings will draw new viewers to the Longhorns. Texas will be back, probably.

BYU will be… BYU. By that I mean I haven’t the slightest idea how good BYU will be. They could go to the Big 12 championship game, or they could finish bottom 4 in the conference. It’s just exciting that we have a new P5 team, and one with an already big following, playing in a conference game against a play-off quality team. 

2nd – Oregon at Utah

Another matchup of the Oregon, Utah, USC, and Washington (and Oregon State) variety.

Another opportunity for the Pac-12 to cannibalize itself and miss out on the playoff.

Another game where nationally, fans will be enamored with Bo Nix and Oregon, and Utah will get second billing.

The Pac-12 has good games this year. The sooner you accept that the happier you’ll be as a fan. Utah is easily the toughest team in the Pac-12, but Oregon has a fantastic argument for second place. Utah is rumored to be flirting with the Big 12. Oregon is rumored to be flirting with the Big Ten. Let’s just enjoy this big game in the Pac-12, and think about the inevitable, eventual death of the conference after the season.

1st – Ohio State at Wisconsin

An East-West crossover game that pits the best teams against each other (Michigan is the defending champ, but you must admit OSU is of equal caliber). 

Why doesn’t the SEC have Georgia play Alabama, or Tennessee play LSU? Oh, that’s right, 8 conference games, and terrible rotation rules. We’re getting off topic.

This is easily the biggest game on Wisconsin’s schedule. Fans have had it circled since the week 4 humiliation at Ohio State last year. Wisconsin is hoping its new QB, new WRs, new Air Raid offense, and new 3-5-5 defense can change things around this year. That’s a lot of new.

Ohio State is hoping they aren’t too beat up after playing Penn State the week before. I guess that scheduling facet makes this a trap game. That might have something to do with OSU only being a 10 point favorite. What is Wisconsin’s biggest game, is only 3rd or 4th for Ohio State (depending on how you see the Notre Dame game). But, I don’t expect Ryan Day’s squad to underestimate former Buckeye Luke Fickell.

This game is big enough it’s rumored to already have its spot on NBC’s B1G Saturday Night ear-marked. OSU fans should be concerned. Camp Randall is already a difficult place to play, but it’s a whole different animal with an inebriated night crowd.

Honorable Mentions: Georgia vs Florida

This is usually one of the biggest games every year. Normally, in this neutral site rivalry game, anything can happen. Just not this time. Georgia is too good, and Florida is too Bad.

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This article was written by Cole Tollison and edited by Hayden Breene

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