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Sports predictions, but actually good

Sports predictions are all over the place. Tons of people have opinions about college football. But the larger sports media outlets too often get the facts wrong when supporting their predictions and opinions, from player stats to game scores. Here at Walk On Fan, our goal is to give you our thoughts about college football but to also get the facts correct to backup our claims.

Meet the writer: Cole Tollison

Cole Tollison is a die-hard football fan and can talk anyone’s ear off about college football specifically. Just give him a beer and ask him about his thoughts on your favorite matchup of the week and he is guaranteed to have a few things to say about the game, the players, the coaching staff, and the teams. His bountiful opinions are the reason this site exists in the first place.

Meet the editor: Hayden Breene

Hayden Breene first became interested in college football in 2015 when he started at the UW and joined the marching band; only starting to care about football standings because it affected where he would travel to for the bowl trip at the end of the year. Since 2015, Cole has filled his head with college football knowledge. Combining that with his love for college marching band made it easy to fall in love with CFB.

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