Tolly’s Top 25 – Post Week 3

My ballot for the AP Top 25 – If they let me have one

I have some short explanations for my picks in groups of 5 from 1 to 25. Then, at the bottom, I have a list of 1-40. I went 40 deep to show what my personal “others receiving votes” section would look like. 

We got some upsets in week 3, so there was plenty of movement. And realize that teams can move based on wins they got earlier in the year – wins over Florida look better now, right?

We’re mixing things up with the top 25 this week. I think we know most of the teams at the top, so I decided to go top-down this week. I also have quite a bit to say at the bottom due to a certain team falling more than I ever thought they could. I guess it’s true: the bigger they are, the harder they fall. 

Top 5

1 – Florida State
2 – Georgia
3 – Texas
4 – Penn State
5 – Washington

I feel like I need to explain myself here. LSU is good, really really good. So I HAVE TO have Florida State #1. That …