Will Upsets Strike on a Quiet Week? – Week 3 Preview

Week 2 delivered some chart topping hits. Week 3 is more so the deep cuts. 

A lot of casuals will watch their team play this weekend, or nothing at all. There is no Texas – Bama, FSU – LSU, or Colorado – any decent team to get first billing this week. Many fans are looking ahead to the absolute monster that is week 4. There are a lot of good games in week 4, but we’ll get there when we get there. I had some games I thought would be the best in week 3 before the season started. But I’ll leave it up to you if I was on the mark or not. There are some things to talk about in week 3, they are just deeper cuts for a more diehard fan. For me the week mostly revolves around renewed rivalries and possible upsets. Let’s get into it. 

Upset Watch 

With the games being a little lackluster this weekend, let’s flip the script on our format. I will be watching the Wisconsin – Georgia Southern game. Outside of that, I’ll check scores on my phone during the day to see if any upsets are brewing. When things start …