Tolly’s Top 25 – Week 1

My ballot for the AP Top 25 – If they let me have one.

It’s been a while, but I’m back now. Labor Day was a holiday for me too. I have a lot to say about some of the week one games. I’ll touch on some of them here, and I’ll address others later this week.

If the AP Top 25 let me have a ballot, this is how mine would look. It’s a ranking, not a power rating. We finally have some games to go off of now. The games this past week will heavily influence my top 25. Not all wins are created equal, and this list should change drastically over the course of the first few weeks as we all find out who’s actually good and who we just thought was good.

I’ll explain my picks in groups of 5 from 25 to 1. Then, at the bottom, I have a list of 1-40. I went 40 deep to show what my personal “others receiving votes” section would look like.


25 – Wisconsin
24 – Clemson
23 – TCU
22 – Texas A&M
21 – Oregon State

Wisconsin looked rough in their opener vs. Buffalo. …