Wisco Wednesday: Transfer Portal Open Season

The Transfer Portal is Open. A Camp Randall Update. Fullbacks are People Too. 

WR Exodus

The transfer portal is open, and that means some Badgers are leaving.

The top 3 WRs from 2022 all entered the portal on Dec. 4th

  • Chimera Dike
  • Skyler Bell
  • Kiontez Lewis

While I’m not thrilled about losing these guys, a lot of it has to do with a loss of playing time. Transfers that Wisconsin brought in last year are just getting the majority of the snaps (particularly Pauling and Green). I also expect Wisconsin to go get more transfer WRs this cycle. 

A Few Other Loses

  • Braelon Allen is going to the NFL draft
  • LT Jack Nelson and C Tanor Bortolini may enter the draft (currently undecided)
  • Myles Burkett (QB3) has entered the transfer portal
  • A couple of previous walk-on guys have entered the portal

Yes, these are losses… but they are not major losses (except Braelon) or big surprises. It won’t take much for the Badgers to be net positive in the transfer portal this offseason. 

Tearing Up Alvarrez Field

Camp Randall’s turf is being torn out. It’s been through 2 football seasons, and now it’s done. Why? Because Wisconsin wants to be ready to host a playoff game starting immediately. 

Wisconsin is putting in a new heated field that will be ready to go for next season. It will definitely be nice for home November games. But it will be necessary for any possible December playoff games. Wisconsin is planning to be good in a hurry.

The project will cost $5.5 million. That might seem like a lot, but Wisconsin is also building a new $300 million-ish practice facility soon. So by comparison it’s just a drop in the bucket.

There are no plans to change the look of the markings and logos on the field. The new one will look the same as the old one. 

Alec Ingold – Making Badgers Proud

Alec Ingold is keeping the Fullback position alive in the NFL. He’s an ex-Badger FB who has found continued success on the field and earned multiple NFL contracts for his superb blocking ability.

Now he’s being recognized by the Miami Dolphins for everything he’s done off the field:

Alec Ingold is the Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee for Miami.

Good for Alec, and good for Wisconsin. I hope he wins it. But either way, it’s pretty damn cool. 


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This article was written by Cole Tollison and edited by Hayden Breene

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