SEC Black Monday Came Early: 1 Game Played = 2 Coaches Fired

Usually, a coach gets fired mid-season after an embarrassing loss or a train wreck string of ineptitude and obvious regression. But something strange happened last Saturday. 

2 SEC teams played; the score was 51-10, and both coaches were fired following the game. 

Put another way:
Texas A&M beat Mississippi State 51-10 and following the game both Jimbo Fisher and Zach Arnett were relieved of their head coaching duties.

Jimbo Got Paid

Jimbo Fisher got a $76.5 Million parachute to stop working. 

Jimbo Fisher had possibly the greatest contract of any head coach ever at Texas A&M. After 2020 (the COVID Season) the Aggies feared Jimbo would bolt for the LSU job. So, they gave him the mafia offer. 

10 years – 100 million (ish) – fully guaranteed. With a very important kicker, if he takes another job (after getting fired) he can double dip; his contract is still guaranteed. That’s very rare among college contracts. 

Jimbo is the only coach in the history of ever to have 3 different teams start in the AP Top 6 and finish the season unranked. One of today’s highest paid coaches went 8-4, then 5-7, and this year 6-4 before the University …