Why 5-7 is Good Enough to Go Bowling

6 Win Team Shortage, JMU is Bowling, What’s APR?

Bowl Spots

There are 41 total Bowl Games with 82 spots available. Yes, certain conferences have tie-ins to certain bowls, but 82 is the number that matters. Teams can play in bowls not associated with their conference to make everything work. They just need 82 teams that have 6+ wins.

If all the favorites win this week (because that always happens) there will be 79 teams with 6+ wins that are bowl eligible.

So there would be 3 “open” spots.

This Means JMU is Fine.

After all the bowls are filled, best to worst, then we fill those 3 left over spots. First up are teams that are in year 2 of an FCS to FBS transition (moving up a division) that have 6+ wins. Normally these teams are barred from playing in the postseason until their 3rd FBS season, but if there is a shortage of 6+ win teams, they get a pass.

JMU and Jax State would be teams 80 and 81. 

They wouldn’t have a shot at a NY6 spot, (because that would be “filled” before these schools are even considered) but …