Wisco Wednesday: Rock Bottom And Still Digging

Is The Bowl Streak in Jeopardy? What About Nebraska Feels So Familiar? 

There has to be 1 goal at this point: save the bowl streak. That means getting 1 more win in the last 2 games. I think Bucky can do it, but I also thought he would handle Indiana and NW. The team may have thought losing to Indiana was rock bottom, but Northwestern threw them a shovel and said keep digging. I don’t know what Fickell and the players will do at practice this week to change the performance on the field. But something has to change. 

Looking Back: They Didn’t Feel Like Playing

Wisconsin 10
Northwestern 24

Hunter Wohler’s Rant

The best player on defense did not like what he saw on Saturday. Safety Hunter Wohler was made available to the media following the beatdown at the hands of the Wildcats. Wohler proceeded to trash the effort levels of his teammate for the following 7-8 minutes. He repeatedly said he thinks this should be on the players, not the coaches, and that this isn’t why he came to Wisconsin. That sounds a little entitled, but this is a kid who chose Madison over Ohio State. And …